There are three types of phone connection in Sharm. There are the local phones, which can only dial within the area. There are the national phones which can dial anywhere in Egypt. And there are the International phones. The phones in the hotels can usually connect you to the international system.
These tend to be charged at approx 20LE per minute with a minimum of 3 minutes. Using the public phones work out cheaper though you will find the local shops which sell the cards will add on a charge for the card (ie. a 20LE card will cost you 25LE). The only way to get the phone cards at the correct price is to go to the telephone exchange in Sharm

Mobile phones are now popular in Sharm and work well, unless it is an Egyptian holiday and then everybody is using it and overload the system. If you use your mobile from your home country on a roaming service. Then you pay a local call, however if any body calls you then you pay the international part of the call and for anybody to call you from Egypt they will have to pay an international call and you will have to pay an international call.

For international the prefix is 00

The country code for Egypt is 20

The area code for Sharm is 069 (if dialing from abroad drop the zero)

Internet access is improving in its connection speed, but do not expect the same as in Europe. There are numerous Internet cafes as well as access in most of the mayor hotels.

Wireless networks are becoming very popular in the area, most of them for free in some of the bars, cafes, and dive centres. So bringing your netbooks and Skype phones may be a good idea.