Crime in Sharm is VERY rare. There is a very relaxed atmosphere here with no underlying feeling of apprehension. One of my first thoughts when coming to Sharm was “why are they being so friendly, what do they want?” Once you realize that everybody is just being friendly you can relax and enjoy the place.
You will get asked to come into shops as they are trying to sell you their wares. In Europe you generally have to ask if you want anything, in Sharm you will get asked. Which can take some getting used to. If you walk through the area where the taxis are you will get asked every 10 seconds if you want a taxi.Как штукатурить углы

For the kids it is totally safe here. They can run around anywhere without the parents having any fear of abduction. Speaking to the parents of the expates in Sharm they have a problem when returning to Europe in trying to explain to the kids that they can not run around the same as they do in Sharm.
There is a main road which runs through Nama Bay and if your hotel is on the desert side of this road then care is needed in crossing it

For the girls there is no problem walking around Sharm at any time of day or night. Though the less clothing you wear the more looks and comments you will get. Top less sun bathing is illegal in Egypt, but in reality a lot of girls do, just be prepared to cover up if people take offense.
The local Romeo’s will approach and try chatting if this is not what you want or it gets a bit over the top then just say no. Useful to learn the words ‘la-shock-ran’ which means ‘no thankyou’, or the word ‘la-A’ which means NO.

Theft is also very rare, but does not mean you can leave your valuables lying around (they would probally be there when you return)

Some of the street sellers in Naama Bay can get a bit over the top. So learn how to say ‘no thank you’ and ‘NO’