Coloured Canyon

Coloured Canyon: This canyon is in the middle of the desert mountains by Nuweiba. It is where the water has gorged a path over thousands of years into the rock opening up all the different coloured layers. The canyon is very narrow in places and good shoes and reasonable fitness is required, as well as loads of water, as the walk will take you a few hours. A full day trip will cost you about £40.

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  • There are no facilities out there, it is the desert! , if you need something then bring it. If you don’t want to pee behind a rock then go before you go.
  • Some of the passages between the rocks are small and need a level of physical fitness.


A few photographs courtesy of Paul Godden


A few more from Paul

On the picture to the left can you spot the people at the bottom. This gives an idea of the size of canyon.

This is a close up of the picture above left. Just in case you could not make out the people.

Put this into the main picture and you should get an idea of size !!

Many thanks to Paul Godden for the pictures.