Labyrinth White Canyon

Situated about a half hours drive away from Sharm el Sheikh and past the Ras Mohamed Park, they are a real Sinai desert trek.Крышки

These canyons are the result of hundreds of years of water erosion on a ground of soft sandstone. The water has cut narrow twisting passages through the rock forming very intricate canyons with fascinating shapes. If you like finding faces and other outlines in the rocks then you are going to have a field day.

These canyons have different names, some people call them the white canyon, and others call them the pink canyons. They were a popular trail about 30 years ago, but got forgotten by the Egyptians.  There are still the occasional arrow markers giving vague directions of the original route.

This trip requires a level of fitness as it is around a 4 hour hike in the desert, so at least one large bottle of water is needed per person.
You need to bring a hat to keep the sun off as there is not much shade out there, and this can only really be done in the cooler months.
A good pair of shoes something like trainers will be fine. Also important not to bring is a phobia of creepy crawlies, things do live in the desert. On the trip I did we came across quiet a few beetles and one snake.

A camera is a must, but it is not easy to capture good shots because of the difference in light levels from inside the canyons. The canyons are about 3-5M deep but in a lot of places the opening is too narrow to get out, and at the bottom it is often also very narrow. So sometimes a lot of pulling the stomach in is needed to get through. There are also a lot of places where you have to watch your head as you have to duck to get through. Some of the canyons are so hidden you would easily miss them.


The whole area is litter free, so please help to keep it that way and if you see any please pick it up.There are no facilities out there, so if you don’t want to go behind a rock then go before you go. Care must be taken on this trip as slipping over and twisting your ankle or cutting yourself is not an option. You would still need to walk back out.