Go Karting

This Go-Kart track is at the Northern end of Nama Bay. It is easily found by the four huge spotlight towers that illuminate the whole area.
They have four circuits available, but mainly they just use the one for what they call ‘Arrive & Drive’ you can just show up and have a go, Good Fun!
They have three levels of Karts, one for the kids, the intermediate ones which are 6Hp and the expert ones which are 13Hp.
There is a kiddies track where they can have a go from about 8 year oldshttp://rpk-tramplin.ru

I have only got up to the intermediate Karts on the ‘Arrive & Drive’ track and that is very entertaining. The Karts have 2 pedals, so no gear changing to do. (Got up to the Rotax Grand Prix carts, and they are fast, fast, fast)

A 15 minute session is started with a short briefing on the do’s and don’t and then they let you go out there and floor the pedal. There is an electronic time board and a print out at the end of your lap times, speed, etc.

If there is a group of you then this can make for an entertaining session, but remember this is not ‘bumper cars’!!

They have just hosted the Rotax Max Challenge trophy for the second time. This is a full on professional track