Naama Bay

Naama Bay is the centre of the map as regards the tourism in Sharm el Sheikh. It is where there are a large selection of attractions from bars and clubs, to sitting and people watching.Как класть облицовочный кирпич

It can tend to get very busy in the evening when most people venture around for a restaurant, and just an evening out.

Most of the main areas are pedestrian only, but you still need to check when crossing a road as it might just be the one that allows traffic into the bay
The Movenpick junction is where most of the taxis drop guests off.

Vehicle access is limited to the main dual carrigeway that goes along the bay.
If your hotel is on the desert side of this road, then please take care in crossing it

It is also the main beach in the area, with the larger hotels that are fronting onto the beach claiming that section as theirs.

It is one of the few areas that allow you to just walk into the water with sand between your toes. As most the coastline is shore reef. Which requires a jetty over the reef to allow access to the water.