There are a few Government schools in the Sharm area, which cater for any

There are also a few “Private Schools” which offer alternative education and follow other curiculums.

French: This school is run by a parents association and comes under the auspises of the French Embassy. It was the first school to cater for foreign kids in Sharm el Sheikh and takes kids from the age of 2 year old and up (if they don’t speak French they will soon learn)
The school is located in Hadaba area of Sharm el Sheikh

British: This school comes under the auspises of the British Schools in Cairo. It opened in 2005 (I think, it could have been 2004) and is based in Coral Bay hotel.

St. Josephs

Sharm College

Nabq School

(I don’t know much about schools, if someone from the school wants to give me some information I will add it )