The Sinai area of Egypt is a very arid desert climate with 2 main seasons, both of which are dry seasons. The winter months are between November to March. In this time the day temperature is still warm but the night time temperature can drop to about 12°C and inland in the desert it can get less than

The annual rain fall is zero. In the winter months it can rain for a few seconds and every few years a storm can come through where it absolutely chucks it down. Usually with floods and power cuts. If you are here when that happens be glad that you have witnessed something that only happens every blue moon and it will give you something to talk about for years :

The summer weather is very hot and dry. The low humidity makes the high temperatures a lot more bearable, but means that dehydration can become a problem if insufficient water is consumed every day. The temperature in the day can be in the forties and night time the temperature is still in the mid thirties. So a fan or air-conditioning is required to enable you to sleep.

The weather for the next year is:- Hot, Dry and Sunny during the day and Hot, Dry and Dark at night !!