Blue Ginger

This is a posh dining experience with fancy Japanese dishes. The Blue Ginger is stylishly decorated in a contemporary Japanese style. With a Teppenyaki station dominating the entrance, complete with traditional live cooking, chopping and the ever awesome fire flames.mensclub24

For a quieter setting sit on the other side of the restaurant near the Sushi kitchen. It is best to book a little later in the evening as earlier you might find you are the only diners and then the whole place lacks atmosphere.

The waiters are very attentive and you almost feel they are watching your every move – but maybe that was because we were a table of eight and the only ones.

We started off the evening with an assorted Sushi and Sashimi selection which was absolutely delightful and remarkably fresh. This is a pricey but great quality restaurant which is ideal for a quiet date in precious privacy.

The service and attention to detail is also very high.