Beir Wagon

The Beir Wagen is located in the Ghazala Beach resort just off the main beach promenade in

The restaurant has been refurbished with a log cabin feel with pine wood d├ęcor and an almost Swiss Chalet feel. The menu is mainly traditional Bavarian, but also still has the famed Swiss fondue.

We choose a selection of appetizers to share including the Bavarian cheese specialty with radish and bread sticks, and Grilled veal sausage with cabbage salad. Both appetizers were plentiful and enough to share.

For our main dish we choose the cheese and the meat fondue. Both are served in the traditional fondue pot with a small burner to keep the cheese and bouillon hot. The cheese was delicious – a mix of nutty flavored Swiss cheeses, white wine, kirsch, and spices. It was severed with a big basket of crusty bread cubes for dipping, and a side order of vegetables and fries.

The meat fondue consists of thinly sliced strips of veal, chicken, and beef served with a tasty cooking bouillon and various different dipping sauces. Both fondues were plentiful and very tasty. It’s such a socialable way to dine as everyone has their colour coded cooking forks and you just cook away to your hearts content.

Highly recommended and the perfect place to put you in the cozy winter nights mood of ski lodges and mulled wine – even if after you are back on the beach promenade surrounded by shorts and T-shirts.