Nestled within the Marriot Beach Hotels main building, the Kona Kai is one of the few places you can visit in Sharm that offers you a true Teppanyaki experience. For the uninitiated, Teppanyaki meals are cooked in front of you on a large iron griddle, with ingredients added according to your taste.Отделка фасада дома

When you are seated, you are given a place at one of the griddles, each ‘table’ seating a maximum of 7 people, although you dont have to turn up with any set amount of people.

The menu has plenty of choice – there are 4 set menus, each consisting of between 3 and 5 courses (with a choice of beef and / or chicken, and fish options) all for around £20 per head. If you can’t make you mind up, or as in my case, are a little on the choosey side, then you can take your pick from the normal menu, although having all items seperately bumps the price up a little.

The starters were promptly served, and the Milo soup deserves a special mention – as a definate fish hater, i tried this soup not quite realising the ingredients and it took a few slurps and my dinner dates opinion before we could conclude its fishy base. Undeterred I happily finished the whole lot, looking past the smell, proving that maybe you should give something you think you dont like another try every now and then!

Next on my set menu should have been the green salad, but then the chef appeared at the griddle and this is where it gets interesting. There is something truely mesmerising in watching your meals, rice included, being cooking right infront of you… the aromas as each individual spice and sauce is added to the meat, the truely amazing sight as the chef manages to chop a thinly fried egg into 3 million pieces whilst ensuring that none ends up in your lap (yes, you are that close!). Admittedly, the chef was not native Japanese, but I don’t think anyone was looking past his hands and the show he was putting on in the preparation and cooking. At this point all conversation stops, for at least half an hour so consider the reason for your visit before choosing a dinner companion!

Could the food live up to the anticipation? It was a resounding yes! The Salmon was fresh and well seasoned. The chicken was beautifully tender and the sauce it was served in was tangy but not too spicy – as i had feared at one point (the point where i suggested that “yes, a little bit spicy would be lovely chef”..). However, I have to say the out and out winner was the beef. Ever had that discussion with your friends “what one meal would you choose if you had to eat if for evermore?”… well i can honestly tell you I have found the winner. The beef was cooked to perfection, the sauce was simply amazing, again blending spicy and tangy. I suspect the sauce was the same for the chicken and beef, but just seemed to team with the beef that little bit better. A small amount of regret at not ordering that particular choice resounded from my left side as I protected my plate and looked smug.