Tam Tam

Tam Tam – Ghazala Hotel – Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – Red Sea

Tam Tam’s has been around for a long time and is a firm favorite for Tourists and Dive guides visiting the Red Sea. You can sit around low tables next to the promenade, dine inside, or best of all up on the roof under the stars. Tam Tam’s offers Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisine .

Under the new General Manager it has recently menu wise been re-vamped, as for a time it was known for the traditional Pharaohs revenge the day after. However now it is back on form and provides all the traditional dishes and amazing freshly cooked flat bread from the charcoal domed oven.

There is also weekly entertainment of traditional table and dancing. Gather a group of friends and order lots of small dishes like Orka, Koshary, mezza, and grilled kofta and chops.