Abou El Sid

Abou El Sid – Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – Red Sea.

Abou El Sid is set above the Hard Rock Café in Naama Bay and has a large open roof top with a central bar area. In fact the majority of the restaurant is set outside, with a few dining booths inside. The décor is detailed arabesque, with faint Arabic music and burning incense to set the scene

Outside dining is probably preferable, although in winter it might be a bit chilly. The tables are set around the circular perimeter with partitions between each table, however it still retains a cozy private atmosphere, mainly due to candle light only.

Sometimes the waiter has to assist you to read the menu with a torch, that’s how dark it can be. Forget about the normal pattern of three course dining; instead go for many small dishes (mezza). If you fancy a little out of the ordinary the Rabbit and Pigeon with molkitier was very tasty.

Unfortunately the service lets down the restaurant. The waiters sometimes have problems understanding your requests or order. The menu is extensive however not all the dishes available. This also applies to the wine, especially if you want the cheapest local wine, although surprisingly they always have the next range up – price reflecting.

If you can remain relaxed and have time then it still is a different possibly erotic (food wise) dining experience and mid ranged reasonable in price.