Tower Dive Site from Sharm el Sheikh

The Tower dive site is one of the few sites that can be reached from the shore as well as from the boat. Entry from the shore is in a big U shaped gap in the reef which gives you the opportunity to do a giant stride from the shore reef into over 100m of water ! and then descending in the U shape down to the planned depth before coming out onto the slope of the reef. From the boat the dive starts from the outside of the U and follows the reef along as a drift dive, not because of any current, just that it is impossible for the boat to moor up on a wall. Once on the dive it follows a typical topography of the area with a 10m wall leading into a 45º slope with coral heads. From the boat is is possible to reach the dive site of Sodfa with its fan corals and coral garden before finishing the dive. If dived from shore the U shape makes for easy navigation as it is difficult to miss a vertical wall 15m across.