Ras Um Sidd

Ras Um Sidd Dive Site from Sharm el Sheikh


Ras um Sidd is a main headland of the area, having the lighthouse situated on top of the cliff. The headland in conjunction with the deep water found on the corner means currents are regular here. This dive is usually done as a mooring dive, so returning to the boat and not getting caught up in the current is important. The boat moors in around 20m of water which is close to the shore reef. The shore reef drops down from the surface to 20 something meters and towards the corner the wall gets deeper, so don’t follow the bottom ! On the corner, if the current allows, there is a wall of Gorgonia fan corals covering a large area and are the main feature of the site but with the deep water there is also a chance to see pelagic fish life hanging around in the current. There is also a swim through cavern starting at 6m which comes out on the shore reef at 1m, but I will let you find that for yourself !