Far Gardens

Far Gardens Dive Site from Sharm el Sheikh

Far Gardens, as the name suggests, is the northerly end of the Gardens Bay. It can be dived as a mooring dive or a drift. There is not usually much current at the mooring, but on approaching the end of the bay it is possible to hover there and watch the reef go by.

The mooring is on the slope of the reef in about 18m, which is close to the shore, as the reef drops away quickly. The slope goes down a long way so the first part of the dive is conducted on the slope. It is not until you turn around to return towards the boat when you come up to about 10m does the reef level out.

This site has got to be the most popular site in the area for spotting Manta Rays. For some reason they like the area from Far Gardens to Ras Nasrani. (The most I have counted at once is 9 !!)