Sharks Bay

Sharks Bay Dive Site from Sharm el Sheikh

Sharks Bay is one of the few sites that is open for shore diving and is very easy to enter the water here from the shore. As this is one of the few natural beaches in the area the sand follows into the water giving a gradual slope to descend down. For those planning a Deep dive Specialty course there is a canyon starting at 18m which continues down to the depths. For those planning a course dive or a nice gentle dive this is a good site as to the south there is a sandy road with coral on each side at a depth of 14m. To the north there is sand gullies in between solid reef slope. In both directions there is a lot of life in the shallows and being in a bay there is not usually any current.

One draw back with the site is, being in a valley the wind can blow down to the beach, bringing with it plastic bags and rubbish which at times collects in the water by the entrance.