Vaccinations: The official answer to this is “check with your foreign office”. However, as far as I know there is no special vaccinations required to enter Egypt and I have not heard of anybody having to have any to enter the country. If you are diving then it is a good idea to be up to date with Tetanus.Гидроизоляция фундамента дома

Medical Facilities: All the major hotels have a doctor on staff or on call. So the reception of your hotel can probably help. Remember that all medical services over here have to be paid for (there is no NHS). For more serious matters there is a hospital which opened up a few years ago as well as a private medical centre.

With the worldwide outbreak of Swine Flu, the airport has introduced screening at arrivals. With temperature checks which they take quite seriously.

For diving related facilities there are now 2 recompression chambers in Sharm. The original one which was donated by USAID. Dr Adel Tahir who runs this chamber is a well known and respected doctor in the area.
Diving Insurance will cost about $50 for a RDI insurance and £43 for DAN insurance. A treatment in the chamber is about $750 per hour (So check that insurance and dive safely !