Gordon Reef

Gordon Reef Dive Site from Sharm el Sheikh

Gordon reef, which is the southerly reef of the four has a different topography from the others. This site has both a shallow plateau area and drop offs, and can be done as a mooring dive or a drift. On the northern edge of the reef is the remains of the wreck Lovilla which has been on top of the reef for a long time. It only remains there by habit as most of the hull has corroded away (everybody is waiting for it to go down so we can dive the wreck).

The currents on the south edge of Gordon is rarely strong but be aware for it as it can cut across the plateau.

The boats moor up on the southern plateau in about 8m of water. The dives are usually conducted from the mooring and heading in a easterly direction to the drop off which starts at about 16m (worth keeping an eye out into the blue here !). From the drop off heading north following the edge is a small garden eel area along with coral encrusted drums. At the turn round point of the dive plan you ascend to about 8m and follow the reef back to the boat on the plateau area.

If this is done as a drift dive the boat drops you at the mooring and will pick up on the northern edge. This follows the same area as a mooring dive but then continues along the drop off which turns more into a plateau as it reaches the corner. This is a regular for the sharks and can be a VERY high speed drift.

The remains of the wreck Lovilla sat on top of Gordon Reef.

(Courtsey of Shams and Sue)